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10' Open Top Cradle Container for steel coils

By transporting steel coils in the 10 Open Top Cradle Container, the whole payload of the cradle cassette is utilized. This maximixes the amount of steel coils in RoRo-transports. These containers can be used on the return leg to transport, for example, iron ore, ferrochrome, limestone or steel scrap. Cradle containers for coils -Langh Cargo SolutionsCradle containers. 20 Open Top Cradle Container with sliding roof. 20 Open Top Cradle Container for rail carriage of steel coils. 20 Open Top Cradle Container for sea carriage of steel coils. 20 Open Top Cradle Container with clapper bottom. 10 Open Top Cradle Container for steel coil carriage. 20 Open Top Bulk Cradle Container.

How to secure steel coils, eye athwart in 20gp container

Example2:coil weight:9960kg, c=75cm Result:a=208cm, b= (20875cm)/2=67cm - square .timber 210x15x15cm possible. 2. Position inside the container A single coil should placebe d in the middle in length athwart directionand inside the container. When two coils are loaded in the container, it should be avoided to place both together in the middle. MOL Introduces MOL COILPORTER for Steel Coil Container Apr 24, 2020 · The MOL COILPORTER is the new cradle used to lash steel coils, an essential material for automobile manufacturing and other industries, to ensure safer containerized transport. MOL launches Coilporter for containerised steel cargoes Apr 24, 2020 · Rolled steel coils will transported more safely with the MOL designed Coilporter. MOL Logistics, the non-vessel owning common carrier (NVOCC) unit of Japanese shipping group Mitsui OSK Lines, has launched a proprietary lashing product to better secure steel coils that are transported in containers. Launching MOL Coilporter, which was jointly developed between MOL Logistics and MOL

Measures of Loading and Securing Steel Coils in Containers

Nov 12, 2013 · After studying loading and securing problems of steel coils in railway and ocean separately, some loading and securing measures of steel coils in railway container are proposed to develop railway container transport of steel coils and then promote the development of rail-water combined container transport of steel coils. Steel sheet in coils Transport Informations ServiceFinally, the coil packaging should be held together by 6 steel straps in the transverse direction and 5 steel straps around the outer circumference. The steel straps also prevent the coil from telescoping. Seal protectors should be used under the seals for the circumferential steel straps (see Fig. 11). Transport of coiled materials in containers - SAFETY4SEAMar 02, 2016 · CINS and the TT Club have launched guidelines for the transport of coiled materials in containers describing the various methods of stowing and securing the coils that ensure safe carriage and prevent possible damage to the container.


Maritime transport is subject to a variety of forces that are depicted in the following illustration:Diagram 2 Diagram 2 shows a coil orientated Eye to Rear (see also Diagram 3 opposite). Coils orientated like this have an increased risk of moving transversal inside the container during maritime transport. During road transport the