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Bartec Bar break coupler Parallel-thread Rebar Coupler

Bartec is a mechanical rebar splicing system for bar break based on a rebar coupler which links splicing rebars. This threaded bar is produced by a rebar threading machine. Carbon Steel Threaded Rebar Coupler Strong Tensile Threaded Rebar Connector / Rebar Coupler - Strong Tensile Strength . Characteristics 1. Steel bar connection construction for all kinds of reinforced concrete structures under tension and pressure bidirectional force 2. Material saving, energy saving, no restriction on steel composition and type. 3. Omni-directional connection 4.

MODIX® Rebar Coupler Peikko Australia

MODIX® Rebar Coupler is designed to be the safest and most flexible rebar splicing system. Thanks to the unique visual inspection system, it is safe and easy to verify that all connections are closed. The system guarantees high flexibility and quality. MODIX ® Rebar Couplers are used to create mechanical connections between ribbed Rebar Coupler for Connection System - ADTO MallThe mechanical rebar couplers can be of two types:#1 Threaded Couplers. #2 Non-threaded couplers. The threaded couplers are classified into two types:1) Tapered Threaded Couplers:This type of tapered couplers are fitted to one end of the threaded rebar and the adjoining rebar is connected and tightened by means of a calibrated torque wrench. Rebar Coupler used in building projects - ITEKCON couplersItekcon is a professional mechanical coupler manufacturer in China. With 12000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we can supply high-quality couplers, such as threaded rebar coupler, taper thread coupler, cold extrusion coupler, and rebar machines.

Rebar Couplers Vs Lapping Vs Welding - Which Is Best?

Jan 07, 2021 · Rebar couplers can join rebars with full tension capacity. The ends of steel bars to be joined are provided with threads, and a coupler is used to join rebars end-to-end, which transfers the loads on the rebar across the connection. They are more efficient than lap splices because they do not depend on the concrete for load transfer. Taper Rebar Coupler - Horizon Building MaterialsTaper Threaded Rebar Coupler. Rebar parallel coupler include rebar rib-peeling rolling threaded coupler, rebar rolling threaded coupler and rebar upsetting thread coupler. It is mainly applied into rebar mechanical splicing in construction projects. The specification of many types of couplers made by our company is from 12mm to 50mm, fit for the hot rolled ribbed rebar HRB335, HRB400, and HRB500, Mechanical Rebar Splicing Systems Serving NJ, NY, PA All threaded couplers are made from material satisfying ASTM A-108. EDC threaded mechanical splicing systems are supplied as 2-piece systems, which include a male splice bar and a female setting bar with a coupler attached. Ready to use in sizes #4 through #11.