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Our versatile coil racking systems can be tailored to suit your warehouse and product. Whatever depth, width, height and number of levels you require, we can deliver a storage solution that suits your individual needs. Once we establish the weight and dimensions of your product, we can design a Coil Racks Storage Solution AR RackingCoil Storage Racks Coil Racks are mounted either on the side or on the front. Both versions require a central metal shaft on which the coils are able to rotate. While the side coil support is fastened to the sides of the frame, the front support is only attached to the front struts.

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2 X 10,000 lb. Mold Storage Rack (2878) 20,000 lbs. Capacity per Shelf Download Printable PDF FEATURES Four adjustable shelves. Read more. 2 X 6,000 lb. Mold Storage Rack (2823) 2x 6,000 lbs. Capacity Download Printable PDF FEATURES heavy duty structural steel weldment lower shelf is on wheels for easy access. Heavy Duty Structural Steel Coil Racks - Rack and ShelfIt is a selective steel coil storage system in that all coils are available to be picked from the aisle. While a light duty roll formed coil rack storing lighter weight coils or the heaviest duty I-beam coil rack can both store two coils wide on a shelf the heavy duty coil racks are typically designed to store one coil wide per shelf and up to 3-4 coils high. Midwest Material Handling, LLC :New & Used Pallet Rack We are one of the regions largest distributors of Pallet Rack and Industrial Storage Systems. Contact our staff of professionals with any Storage or Pallet Rack related application. Allow us to provide facility layout, engineering as well as a complete custom installation.

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Utilizing heavy-duty coil storage racks, coil cradles and counterbalance forklifts, steel coil can be safely transported and stored. Handling and Storing Pipe Tubing Ideal for Long and Heavy Loads Our specialty is moving and storing long loads like metal pipe tubing. Steel Coil Racks & Industrial Coil Storage Rack SystemsA steel coil storage solution helps your staff stay safe during coil handling. Because the coils are stored off of the floor, the potential for safety issues is reduced. Our heavy-duty coil storage racks are built to securely hold coils, minimizing opportunities for improper handling. I-Beam Construction Steel Coil Saddles - 05/2021Mar 28, 2021 · Coils are neatly stored in their own designated coil storage cradles or steel coil saddles, providing easy access for coil retrieval. SJF's structural steel coil racks are specifically-designed, engineered and manufactured to provide a tailor-made high-capacity storage system solution designed for easy storage and retrieval of coils.

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Jul 01, 1994 · Rack forms to be placed on the ground or floor of a steel coil storage area and provided with 4×4 or similar timber units to form racks and a rack system for receiving steel coils and holding them off the floor or ground. The rack forms define a pair of spaced-apart channels or troughs into which lumber units are received. Steel coil storage racks:safe & cost saving KLPA pallet in-one-piece without nails (type A) Wide range of coil diameters. Load bearing capacity 15 tons. Wide and high fork lift entries. Improved safety during handling. No splinters - less damage. No moisture - no corrosion. Larger bearing surface - less damage. Cost saving through a long lifetime. steel coils for structural constructionCoils and sheets - meba-steel-2018-DEHot Dip Galvanized Steel Coils and / or Sheets Cut From Coils,Zero Spangle,Chromated,Unoiled Acc.to EN 10346/EN 10143 Drawing Steel Grades; DX51D+Z,DX52D+Z,DX53D+Z,DX54D+Z,DX56D+Z Structural Steel Grades; S220 GD+Z,S250 GD+Z,S280 GD+Z,S320 GD+Z,S350 GD+Z..Coating Thickness from 50 gr/m2 to 300 gr/m2

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While simple storage cabinets work for storing small items, other specialty storage systems in common use today include bulk racks, drive in racking, rivet shelving, wire shelving, double slotted racks, carton flow & bulk storage racks, coil, cantilever & lumber racks and rack supported structures, to name a few.