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Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has been in business for more than 25 years as a leading-edge engineering and manufacturing company focused on the thermal management of electronics. Founded in 1989 as a consulting company, ATS has evolved into a complete thermal solutions provider and is world-renowned for its portfolio of more than 5,000 high- and ultra-performance heat sinks, its industry-leading liquid cooling solutions, the broadest off-the-shelf heat pipe CoolingHouse Where Heat Meets Cool SolutionsOur toolbox contains advanced, high performance two-phase cooling technologies. All of these technologies are capable of moving a great deal of heat over a longer distance than standard thermal modules, which are typically based on low-cost heat pipes and extrusion heat sinks.

Flexible heat pipes with integrated bioinspired design

Feb 01, 2015 · The fabricated heat pipes with a 30% filling ratio demonstrated a low thermal resistance less than 0.01 K/W. Compared with the vertically oriented straight heat pipes, bending from 30° up to 120° has negligible influence on the heat-transfer performance. Furthermore, repeated heating tests indicated that the fabricated flexible heat pipes Heat Sinks, Advanced Thermal Solutions DR ForgeHeat Sinks, Advance Thermal Solutions Supplier. Drforge is a technology-leading custom industrial heatsink manufacturers of thermal management solutions for equipment heatsinks, multi-function electric heatsinks, power equipment heatsinks, communication base station heatsinks, etc. Our main products are heat pipes, heat sinks, aluminum extrusions, copper or brass extrusions, heatsink extrusions, metal stampings, metal castings, metal mesh and other LED heat High Performance Round & Flat Heat Pipes - ATS MouserATS High Performance Round and Flat Heat Pipes are used to transfer heat with minimal temperature difference or to spread heat across a surface. These heat pipes are low profile, lightweight, and attach easily to a heat sink. The high thermal conductance heat pipes are widely used in aerospace applications, military devices, temperature control systems, and personal computers.

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Installation of tubular heat-pipes into drilled components can offer a simple and convenient method of assembly. The drilling size for the heat-pipe should allow a radial gap of between +0.05 mm and +0.12 mm (+0.002 / +0.005) around the heat-pipe. Standard range CRS heat-pipes High Quality Custom Heat Sink Manufacturer, Heat Sink Best Passive LGA3647 1U Cpu Cooler Heat Sink With 2 Heat Pipes Copper Base For Servers and Desktop Computers. Inquire. Inquire. LGA 3647 1U Server Active Copper Heat Sink with air cooled CPU fan. Inquire. Inquire. 1U Zipper Fin Heat Sink For Intel CPU LGA2011/115X. Inquire. Inquire. Spacecraft Thermal Control ACT - Advanced Cooling The advanced titanium-water heat pipe technology can be further applied in high heat flux electronics cooling and various spacecraft thermal management system requiring low-mass, high-performance solutions. Learn more about ACTs work in development of water heat pipe technology, at the following links:Earlier Fission Power Radiator work at ACT

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Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) is a premier thermal management solutions company, providing design and manufacturing services to meet our customers needs across all points of the product lifecycle. We serve our global customers thermal management and energy recovery needs in diverse Markets including Defense, Aerospace, Electronics, HVAC, Medical, Enclosure Cooling and Thermal Performance of Heat Sinks - Digi-KeyA heat pipe is a device with high thermal conductance that can transport large amounts of heat with a small temperature difference between its hot and cold ends. The idea of a heat pipe was . irst proposed by Gaugler [1]. However, only after its invention by Grover [2, 3] in the early 1960s, were the remarkable properties of heat pipes Two Phase Cooling Boyd CorporationFor over 50 years Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd has pioneered the development and commercialization of two phase cooling, playing an integral role in the advancement and use of heat pipes, vapor chambers, and thermosiphons. Aavids world-class engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities enable innovative solutions that can meet the

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A heat pipe is a device with very high thermal conductance that can transport large quantities of heat with small . temperature difference between its hot and cold ends. It is . normally used to transport heat from one area to another or . to smooth the temperature distribution on a solid surface. Heat pipes are widely used in aerospace applications,