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1J76, 1J77, 1J79, 1J80, 1J85, 1J86 HB SPECIAL ALLOY MFG

Apr 05, 2020 · Soft Magnetic Alloys with High Initial Permeability Alloy 1J76, 1J77, 1J79, 1J80, 1J85, 1J86 Equivalent Grades GB JIS Trademark UNS DIN NF BS 1J76 PC-2 PC-22 Mumetal Round Permalloy 80 HyMu 80 HyMu77 N14076 Mumetal Vacoperm Mumetal Permimphy 1 76 Mumetal M2, M2+ Supermumetal SM2 1J77 77 1J79 - Supermalloy Square Permalloy 80 HyMu 80 HyRa 80 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet & Coil Alliance SteelAlliance Steel offers a variety of cold rolled steel sheet and coil products and value-added services to meet customer needs. Alliance Steels cold rolled steel service capabilities include slitting, shearing, blanking, leveling, degreasing and brushing and metallurgical support.. Cold rolled steel is rolled at room temperature, below its recrystallization temperature, which enables better

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Our cold rolled steel strips and tapes feature high quality in terms of flatness, brightness and straightness, chemical composition and mechanical properties. If you want to know more about cold rolled steel strip price, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours. 1)Grade:mild carbon steel:Q195, Q235 SPCC, SPCD, SPCE Cold Rolled Strip - Cold Rolled Strip Supplier Steel Precision Cold Roll Strip is offered fully processed- annealed with various tempers or Full Hard. ASTM A109 Tempers No. 1-5. Dead soft (55HRB max) to Full Hard (90HRB min) SAE J403/J404/ASTM A684. Spheroidized med to high carbon products available fully processed with a temper pass or full hard. Rockwell requests subject to met review Cold Rolling of Steels IspatGuruOct 08, 2014 · Fig 1 Typical schematics of a 5 stand tandem cold rolling mill Temper rolling or skin pass rolling of annealed strip Cold rolled coils after removed from the annealing furnace are in their dead soft condition and are therefore undergo a skin pass rolling or temper rolling in a skin pass mill.This involves a controlled light reduction of the cold rolled steel sheet and is carried out due to the

Cold rolled sheet (roll) common defects, characteristics

Roll printing. Periodic pits or convex hulls appear on the surface, and severe roll marks cause the strip to pass through. 1The strip weld is too high or the cleaning is uneven, causing the sticking roller when rolling; 2The hard metal (bead, metal scrap, etc.) or dirt is stuck on the roller. Cold-rolled strip BILSTEIN GROUPBILSTEIN's cold-rolled strip made from mild steels is the first choice for bending, punching, drawing, stretching, and deep drawing. Its qualities include: Good cold formability. Homologous mechanical properties. Excellent surface quality, making it suitable for plating and finishing. Hot Strip Mill and Cold Rolling Mill Industry This process stretches a slab into a strip. The slab is reheated to approximately 1250°C and rolled in hot conditions. The resultant strip steel is wound into a roll like toilet paper (hot coil). Chains for lifting; Toughrollers; Conveyor chains for conveying semi-finished products

Shape and Gauge Control of Strip in a Cold Rolling Mill

Oct 06, 2020 · A large amount of industrial data shows that the convex rib of cold rolled strip is mainly caused by the inheritance of hot rolled strip local high points, which points out the origin of preventing the convex rib. The edge drop control technology can reduce the cutting loss and increase the yield. The application of edge drop control technology Standard Specication for Steel, Strip, High-Carbon, Cold 5.2 Cold Working Procedure:5.2.1 Prior to cold rolling, the hot-rolled strip shall be descaled by chemical or mechanical means. 5.2.2 The strip shall be cold rolled by reducing to thickness at room temperature (that is, below the recrystallization tem-perature). 6. Chemical Composition 6.1 Limits:6.1.1 When carbon steel strip is specied to Strip Coil Cold Rolled .0003 .188 165+ Alloys Cold rolled strip is a popular metal product within the aerospace, medical, automotive, and nuclear industry where it is stamped, deep drawn, or formed using other methods for various applications. Rolled in-house to the lightest gauges


1J46,1J50,1J54. Soft Magnetic Alloy. The soft magnetic alloy is a kind of alloy which has a high permeability and low coercivity in a weak magnetic field. This kind of alloy is widely applied in electronic industry, precision instruments, tele-control and auto-control systems, and also magnetic shielding. All in all, it is mainly used for power