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ASTM - Valve, Material Specifications

Feb 14, 2016 · Standard Valve Bronze:ASTM B62:30,000:14,000:20:17:13.5:55-65* 16:Tin Bronze:ASTM B143 Alloy 1A:40,000:18,000:20:20:15:75-85* 17:Manganese Bronze:ASTM B147 Alloy 8A:65,000:25,000:20:20:15.4:98* 18:Aluminum Bronze:ASTM B148 Alloy 9C:75,000:30,000:12 min. 12:17:150:19:Mondel Alloy 411 (Weldable Grade) 65,000:32,500:25-23:120-170:20:Nickel Moly DIN Globe Valves with Small Sizes in Casting Materials Last month we produced and shipped some DIN globe valves with small sizes in casting materials to one of our European clients. Every year we manufacture thousands of DIN globe valves with special body types for our European clients. Let me share some pictures and our drawing with you. Product descriptions DIN 3356 globe valves with hand wheels

Mechanical considerations for polymeric heart valve

Dec 01, 2019 · The native human heart valve leaflet contains a layered microstructure comprising a hierarchical arrangement of collagen, elastin, proteoglycans and various cell types. The lining material for the lined valve Perfect ValveJul 27, 2020 · The valves that can be manufactured with lined plastic include lined butterfly valves, lined ball valves, lined globe valves, lined plug valves, lined gate valves, lined cock valves, etc. There are many fluorinated materials that can be used for lining valves. The most commonly used materials are FEP (F46) and PCTFE (F3). VALVE BODY MATERIALS - Global Supply LineMAJOR VALVE MATERIAL GROUPS Grade UNS31803 now supplemented by UNS32205. UNS32205 which dual conforms and is now often specified. * No longer referenced in ANSI B16.34 - 2009, A995 supersedes A890. APV can manufacture exotic grades such as Nickel, Super-Duplex F55 and Monel (ASTM A494-M35-1), Cd4M-Cu, Hastelloy C

Valve Material Body Trim Carbon Stainless Alloy Steel

  • Major Categories of Common Valve MaterialsMaterials Used in Valve ConstructionCross Reference Charts & Valve Material ReferencesThe following is a general review of common valve materials used in general industrial, commercial and process valve construction. Go to the Technical section of our website for a more detailed overview on the full range of valve body and trim materials used in the construction of special service valves for oil & gas, mining, petrochemical and critical service process control applications. Aluminum A non-ferrous metal, very lightweight, approximately one-third the weight of steel. Aluminum exhibits exceValves, Guides and Seat Materials and Selection - Engine Aug 29, 2011 · One supplier of valve train components says that, with the exception of their Inconel big block Chevy marine and supercharged valves, the companys performance valves are typically made with 21-4N stainless material. Most of us use stainless steel knives, forks and spoons, but the material probably wouldnt be appropriate for valves. Valves Guide - Valves are mechanical devices that controls Valves are expensive items, and it is important that a correct valve is specified for the function, and must be constructed of the correct material for the process liquid. Regardless of type, all valves have the following basic parts:the body, bonnet, trim (internal elements), actuator, and packing. Valves Material Specifications - Corrosion Resistant Valve Valve design and selection of materials are key factors when determining the different oil and gas media applications of valves. The two main things that affect the valve material selection are the strength of the valve and the corrosive media going through the valve.

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    Valve Materials. Warren Valve and Warren Valve Engineered Products is a worldwide industry-leading approved valve manufacture, providing a broad range of valve solutions to meet any application. Check out the materials we use to create our valves. For more information, contact our team! Cast Carbon Steel. Cast Carbon Steel. Cast Stainless Steel.