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The steel rail in china are divided into Crane rail, Heavy rail and light rail. Light rail is divided into GB and the ministry standard (YB metallurgical standard). There are 8kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg, 22kg, 24kg, 30kg. In international Market, it called P8 Steel rail, P12 steel rail, P15 steel rail, P18 steel rail, P22 steel rail, P24 steel rail, P30 steel rail. China Standard 18KG Steel Rail - BloggerOct 03, 2020 · Glory Rail can supply all kinds of steel rails, including light rail, like 18kg steel rail, heavy rail, crane rail with different standards and specifications. 18kg steel rail can be used for brick factory, processing plant, coal mining, engineering machinery, equipment, etc. Specification:Size:18kg/m

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Rail Steel Plate 18KG LIGHT STEEL RAIL. China Standard. DOWNLOAD. 15KG LIGHT STEEL RAIL. China Standard. DOWNLOAD. HOME RAIL ABOUT NEWS FAQ CONTACT. Welded Rail Clip Mine Car Crane Rail Light Rail Rail Clamp Fish Plate. CONTACT INFO. Tel:+86 371 65369795. Phone:+86-199 3712 3680. Whatsapp:+86-199 3712 3680. E-mail:zxsteel Light Rail, Steel Rail, China Supplier-ZongXiangLight rail is a kind of steel rail. The Weight less or equal to 30kg/m is light rail. Used for mining, railway, etc. Email:[email protected] Rail Steel Plate 18KG Light Rail. 15KG Light Rail. 9KG Light Rail. 12KG Light Rail. 8KG Light Rail. 24KG Light Rail. 1. Mining Steel Rail, Material 55q 15kg Light Steel Rail 24Kg Light Steel Rail. Inquire Now. 22Kg Light Steel Rail. Inquire Now. 18Kg Light Steel Rail. Inquire Now. 15KG Light Steel Rail. Inquire Now. 12Kg Light Steel Rail.

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Oct 03, 2020 · 12kg light steel rail is mainly used for plant, port, railway, etc. Glory Rail could offer light steel rail including 8kg light rail, 9kg light rail, 12kg light rail, 15kg light rail, 18kg light rail, 22kg light rail, 24kg light rail, 30kg light rail. Specification:Size:12kg/m. Length:5-12m or other length according to customers requirement Rail Joints Railway Fish Plate Joint Bar - AGICO RailRail Joints, also called railway fish plate or joint bar, splice bar, is a metal joints bar connected to the ends of two rails to bond them together. A quality rail joint bar can largely reduce the impact of wheels to the jointing sections of the rail tracks and increase the continuity and steadiness of the train when passing through the jointing sections. S30_ASCE60_JIS30A Steel Rail Railway Rail SupplierOld type:BS11-1985 Standard BS90A steel rail New type:EN13674-4 45E1 900A light steel rail Material:UIC860V 900A/1100 Certificate:3.1 MTC or 3.2 EN10204 Certificate Other name:45E1 steel rail Producing standard:UIC860V $

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7. Clamp plate, Rail spring clamp, Anchor plate, Steel clip. 8. Rail Shoulder, Rail sleeper Inserts, Rail Anchors for rail sleepers. 9. Plastic dowel, Guide plate, Nylon insert. 10. Chinese Standard Steel Rail:GB/T11264-89 9kg 12kg 15kg 22kg 30kg steel light rail; Q/YYG001-2008 (formerly YB222-63) 4kg 8kg 18kg 24kg steel light rail. GB2585 UIC Standard Rail Fish Plate - Steel Rail SpecialistUIC standard rail fish plate rail joint bar is a kind of connection fastener used for the connection between rails. The use of fish plate is more labor-saving than the rail butt welding technology, and the installation is simple and quick. The fish plate is used in conjunction with fish bolts. Glory Rail could also supply matched bolts, nuts and washers.Railway Fish Plate - AGICO RailRailway fish plates are widely used in heavy rail, light rail and crane rails, for different standards of steel rails, railway fish plates varies. We can produce more than 30 types of railway fish plates according to different standards:Railway fish plates for light rail:8kg, 9kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg,