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Corrosion Control Equipment Pit Depth Gauge (PIT GAUGE) Stray Current Mapper (SCM) Holiday Dedektor. Detectable Warning Belts. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge ( MT 200 ) Marker Mate EML - 100 / Omni Marker / Uni Marker. Pipe Detection Detectors. ABOUT OUR COMPANY. As Enermak, we have been working since 2000 to focus on customer satisfaction by Corrosion - 4D TechnologyThe 4D InSpec Surface Gauge instantaneously measure pit depth, width and volume, of all corrosion pits within the field of view. Quickly inspect corrosion over large portions of a component for a thorough, accurate assessment of the severity, even in difficult to access areas such as corners, bores and fillets.

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Categories Corrosion control monitoring;Lubricants; Berkeley Springs Instruments (BSI) Farwest Corrosion Control Company. 1480 W. Artesia Blvd. Gardena, CA 90248. United States. Phone 888-532-7937. Corrosion probes;Pipe, inspection;Pit depth gauge; Worley Parsons. 575 North Dairy Ashford. Houston, TX 77079. United States. Phone 713-332 Elcometer 119 Pipe Pit GaugeProduct Description. The Elcometer 119 Pipe Pit Gauge is a pocket sized gauge designed to identify the condition of a pipe. The gauge is placed horizontally on the surface of the pipe and the stylus is positioned into the base of the corrosion pit. The gauge shows the pit depth compared to the nominal pipe wall thickness. Imperial units only. General and Localized Corrosion Measurement (Remedial Pit gauges are used to measure the depth of cavities or pits (a form of localized corrosion). For more information on pitting and on the types of pit gauges please see Appendix A. Pit Gauge Calibration It is important to calibrate a pit gauge prior to performing a measurement. To calibrate a mechanical type pit gauge, place the pit gauge on a smooth flat surface without pits and depress

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Established in 1956, Farwest Corrosion Control Company is a world-class leader in cathodic protection and corrosion control related products, solutions and services. Our product range is extensive, as you will see in this website, and our services include a wide variety of cathodic protection engineering and installation offerings. NCCER, Pipeline Corrosion Control Level 2 Trainee Guide CT8_1-17 Measure Pit Depth with Pit Gauge. CT8_2-17 Measure Wall Thickness with Handheld Ultrasonic Meter. CT8_3-17 Measure Corroded Area. CT9_1-17 Install Bonds. CT9_2-17 Install Galvanic Anodes. CT9_3-17 Install Rectifiers. CT9_4-17 Install Impressed Current Groundbeds. CT9_5-17 Repair Shorted Casings. CT9_6-17 Install Electrical Insulating PGMBD, Digital Pit Depth Gauge Kit with 4" Micro Bar PGMBD, Digital Pit Depth Gauge Kit with 4" Micro Bar & Case by Exacto Cookie Consent Farwest Corrosion . 99 . Fisher Research Laboratory Glas Mesh Company . 7 . GlasForms, Inc.

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CT7_6-17 Apply Coating Using Spray Application Pipeline Corrosion Control Level 1 CT7_7-17 Perform Coating Inspection Pipeline Corrosion Control Level 1 CT8_1-17 Measure Pit Depth with Pit Gauge Pipeline Corrosion Control Level 2 CT8_2-17 Measure Wall Thickness with Handheld Ultrasonic Meter Pipeline Corrosion Control Level 2 Pit Depth Gauge :Gagemaker - PD-3004 Pit Depth Gauge, PD-3004 Pit Depth Gauge, AGD#2, 0-100 reading. The PD-3000 Series of gages inspects the depth of surface pitting. Each model of the PD-3000 gage includes the gage base, an indicator with .001" resolution, and a standard TPD .375" long contact point with a .020" end radius. Portable MPI Equipment, Pit Gauges - Western InstrumentsWestern Instruments Inc. - Portable MPI Equipment, Pit Gauges, UT Systems, NDT Accessories Western Instruments is a manufacturer of three basic Product Lines:Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment, Corrosion Pit Depth Gauges (Gages) and Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Manufacturers of Welded Tube and Pipe.

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Perforated Vent Pipe for Deep-Well Anodes by Farwest Corrosion; PermaPlug Environmental Deep Anode Seal by Loresco; PGD-12/18, Digital Pit Depth Gauge Kit with 12" and 18" Bridging Bar & Case by Exacto; PGD-12/18/4, Digital Pit Depth Gauge Kit with 12", 18 and 4" Bridging Bars & Case by ExactoPit Depth Digital Gauges & Accessories - Farwest CorrosionThe Micro Bar 4" Exacto Pit Depth Gauge with a 4" Bridging Bar is currently used heavily by oil, gas and water pipeline inspection companies to determine pipe integrity. EMT developed this pit gauge with engineers at a major oil and gas company. It is the foremost accurate tool for pipeline inspection.