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Architecture to Go:10 Great Gas Station & Pump Designs

    • Jack Colker Union 96 Gas Station. The Jack Colker Union 96 gas station on Crescent Drive in Crochet Gas Station. This gas station in Syracuse, New York is pictured completely covered in multi Lighthouse Gas Station Concept. If all gas stations were designed as whimsically as this concept Arne Jacobsen Gas Station. On the other side of the spectrum is this stark yet beautiful minimalist Shiny Metallic BP. Some people have called it the poshest gas station in Los Angeles. Others Hat n Boots Gas Station. Theres the worlds largest ball of twine, the museum of forks, the House Portable Airplane-Shaped Filling Station Concept. Heres another strange idea for a novelty gas Alum Rock Gas Station. In a classic example of Googie or space age roadside architecture, the Vintage Orbit Gas Station. The Vintage Orbit gas station in Sacramento, California is another Gasoline Stand. Whats this a little girl selling gasoline instead of lemonade? Thats not going to Service & Gas Station Projects:CMD Group Featured ProjectsFeatured Service & Gas Station Projects:Bp Amoco Station & Convenience Store - OH. Bp Amoco Station Wild Bean Cafe #4941 - OH. Bp Gas Station & Convenience Store - OH. Bp Gas Station And Bank - KY. C Store Gas Station And Subway - TX. Choose from the States and Provinces below to find Local Completed Service & Gas Station Projects. Mies van der Rohe Gas Station - Data, Photos & Plans The structure of the pump rests on a concrete base that supports the 12 steel columns painted in black on a grid of steel beams also on which rests the long white painted metal canopy that forms the roof rests. The pillars were made with steel plates welded in the flat metal roof supports.


      Table 1. List of buildings and structures located at the gas station on plan Name of building or structure 1 Service building for drivers and passengers (Main building) 2 Canopy 3 Dispenser with liquid motor fuel (LMF); 3.1 Dispenser with diesel fuel (DF); 3.2 Dispenser with 2 satellites DT 4.1 Storage tank LMF -50 m3 (10 + 40); The Amazing Architectural Evolution of the Filling StationMay 07, 2016 · The Amazing Architectural Evolution of the Filling Station. Gas stations might be boring or even ugly places, but for the most part, you cant avoid stopping by These are Americas 7 Most Beautiful Gas Station

        1. See full list on architecturaldigestThe Preservation and Reuse of Historic Gas Stations
          • The Preservation and Reuse of Historic Gas StationsHistorical Background Return to Top Historic Gas Station Types Return to Top Understanding Significance Return to Top Maintenance Return to Top Repair Return to Top Rehabilitation Return to Top Rehabilitation Considerations Return to Top Summary and References Return to Top Chad Randl 1. Historical Background 2. Historic Gas Station Types 3. Understanding Significance 4. Maintenance 5. Repair 6. Rehabilitation 7. Rehabilitation Considerations 8. Summary and References 9. Reading List 10. Download the PDF Unless your tank is empty, gasoline stations rarely attract attention.Yet, for the past hundred years gas stations have occupied prime locations on main streets and suburban corners, on small town roads, and along early highways. They are one of AService Station Canopies - Monitor, IncStructure:Columns:ASTM A-500 46,000 PSI carbon steel square structural tubes coated with rust-inhibitive primer. Main Cross Beams & Roof Purlins:When design lends itself, members are high tensile 50,000 PSI steel, roll-formed. Wide flange or plate girders are used in large spans, large cantilevers, or heavy roof loads.

            Urban Design Guidelines for Gas Stations

            gas station canopy reflects the context. Guideline 2:Locate building structures (such as car washes, convenience stores, and canopies) close to the street to help define the street edge (Figures 2 and 3). Figure 2:A convenience store close to the street contributes to a well-defined street edge. Figure 3:The canopy design creates anShell Petrol Gas Station Steel Structure Canopy-LFBJMBStructure Type:Light Steel. Application:Petrol Gas Station Canopy Design Standard:ASTM. Size:10mx9mx5m. Wind Zone:225kph. Seismic Zone:4(Z=0.4) Certificates:ISO, CE, SGS. Steel Material:Q345B. Surface Treatment:Hot dip galvanizing and paint. Roof panel:Color steel sheet.