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Can spiral steel pipe be used to transport tap water?

Jul 12, 2019 · Spiral steel pipe for water supply for outdoor water supply Because the water supply pipe needs to be pre-buried, the anti-corrosion requirements for anti-corrosion of spiral steel pipe must have the characteristics of anti-oxidation and weak acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, the anti-corrosion of epoxy coal bitumen should be promoted China Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Spiral Welded Steel Pipe China Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Spiral Welded Steel Pipe, Find details about China Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe, Steel Pipe with Coating from Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Spiral Welded Steel Pipe - Tianjin City Jinghai County Baolai Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd.

Corrosion resistance of steel pipes-ASTM A252 Spiral Steel

According to the different needs of the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe can be the corresponding anti-corrosion measures, the main common epoxy asphalt anti-corrosion steel pipe, polyurethane coating anti-corrosion, IPN8710 water pipeline anticorrosive non-toxic anti-corrosion paint polymer coating, anti-corrosion steel pipe wall mortar Corrosion, etc., anti-corrosion steel pipe is mainly Epoxy coal tar pitch corrosion seamless steel pipeDec 27, 2017 · Epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosion steel pipe is divided into epoxy coal tar primer and topcoat, are based on epoxy resin and coal tar pitch as the main film, add a variety of anti-rust paint, insulating filler, toughening agent, leveling Agent, thinner, anti-settling agent and other components, B component is a modified amine curing agent or curing agent-based material, adding pigments and Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Pipe FBE The corrosion resistance properties of an Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Pipe to attack from chemicals, for instance, those ascertained in oils, cleaners or bleach, make epoxy coatings a popular protective medium, especially in applications involving the automotive industry. Extensively, the use of a fusion bonded epoxy coated carbon steel pipe in the oil & gas as well as the water/wastewater industry.

High Strength Corrosion Resistant and - Permanent Steel

Jul 19, 2019 · 3. water supply pipeline cement mortar lining steel pipe internal corrosion protection. Standard:CECS10:89. 4. Epoxy coal tar pitch glass cloth steel pipe anti-corrosion. Standard:GB50268-97. 5. water supply pipeline IPN8710 polymer non-toxic paint steel pipe anti-corrosion. 6. sales of epoxy coal bitumen anti-corrosion coatings, IPN8710 Oil and Gas Pipelines Anticorrosion ProtectionApr 15, 2021 · In terms of the global economic development at the present stage, the polyethylene coating is a relatively advanced anti-corrosion material all over the world. This technology is to apply extruded polyethylene on the outside of the pipe and then apply copolymer adhesive in the middle, the bottom layer is coated with fused epoxy powder. Solvent Free Epoxy Coal Tar Coating Steel Pipe - News Apr 28, 2021 · The application of epoxy coal tar coated steel pipe. Epoxy-coal tar coated steel pipe can be used for buried or underwater oil transmission, gas transmission, water transmission, heat pipeline wall anti-corrosion, also suitable for anti-corrosion of steel structure, wharf, ships, sluice, gas storage tanks, oil refining and chemical plants and anti-leakage from sewage pool, roof waterproof layer,

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Steel Pipes Manufacturers Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory From China, Winning customers' trust is the gold key to our success! If you are interested in our products, please feel free to visit our web site or contact us. 86-21-68415567. Spiral Welded Steel Pipe With Insulation. Sturdy, Stainless bitumen steel pipe for Industry Uses API 5L X52 epoxy coal bitumen coating anti-corrosive carbon steel pipe for recycled water Introduction of our anti-corrosive steel pipe Compositions:Epoxy coal bitumen corrosion resistance pipe Compositions:Inner epoxy powder paint Spiral steel pipe Adhesive layer Fiberglass cloth Epoxy coal bitumen paint Application of the anti-corrosive coating steel pipe :Buried underground steel What kind of material is the anti-corrosion steel pipe Multiple steel pipes such as coal tar pitch, coal tar pitch enamel, epoxy powder and three-layer composite structure. At present, the widely used pipeline anti-corrosion methods include three-layer PE composite structure and single-layer powder epoxy resin, as well as 3PE cold-wound anti-corrosion steel pipe and 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe.

Spiral steel Pipe-ASTM A252 Spiral Steel Pipe_ASTM A106 GR

Anti-Corrosion Steel Pipe . Specification. SSAW Steel Pipe. Process:Spiral Submerged- Arc Welded Steel Pipe. Usage:Used for low pressure liquid delivery, such as water, gas, Surface:Fusion bond Epoxy coating, Coal Tar Epoxy, 3PE, Vanish Coating, Bitumen Coating, Black Oil coating as per customers requirement.